Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Formally Speaking...

On Thursday, September 25th 2008 the first formal meeting of the 2008-2009 MSA will be held.
This meeting will be for the Core Group members only, and discussions regarding the future plans of the MSA and other logistics will be discussed. It will be held in the West Library right after school.

In other news, on October 4th, at the Homecoming Carnival, the MSA will be featured. At our table/booth, we will be selling some baked goods, ethnic finger foods, and traditional Henna (along with a Falcon design to support our team at the game!). Don't forget to stop by, and if you are interested in helping us work the booth, please let us know.
Get a taste of our various cultures, and leave with a cool design on your palm or hand!
Hope you can join us!

Until the next post,

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