Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Clothes, Cards, and Chaos, Oh My!

Hello again! Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed of MSA as to date.

1) Our first project is going to be a Clothing Drive to bring warm clothes to the needy.
2) We will also begin to sell greeting cards or Holiday cards, to fund raise, although the details for this are still being sorted out.
3) As noted in the previous post, our schedule is going to be a little rocky, but this is why we've started this keep us up-to-date and sane!

I hope that I didn't forget anything, but anyway, inshallah these will be our starting points in the PHS MSA. However, we are still in need of your help! We need a name for this clothing drive, so it would be greatly appreciated if you helped out with that. Who knows? We might choose yours!

Also, if you know of anybody planning to attend our next meeting for the first time, please let them know of this site and the actual date for our next meeting.

Please attach comments so we know that you are here, and also give us a hand in sorting this stuff out. Whew, now that was a long post!

2 comments: said...

i think we should sell stuff

sophie said...

this site is really helpful :)